Gettin' Twitterpated

Some Questions to Kickstart Gettin' TwitterpatedWhat's a hashtag? A copy of educational hash tags used on twitter.
What's a "twitter chat" and why should I care?
What's a FOAF and how does it help you build a network worth having?
Twitter Lists and (Darren's various
If you have already joined twitter come tweet using the hashtag: #byte2012

Twitter grammar:Mentions or "@ replies": A public conversation directed at one or more people
Retweeting or RT: Amplify the good stuff you stumbleupon. Be grateful for having your stuff amplified.
Modified Tweets or MT: If it ain't a direct quote let folks know that.
Preceding a tweet with a [space] or [period]: Talking to your whole network rather than just the intersection of two networks.
What's happening right now at BYTE 2012
Can you add an idea to this list?

More ResourcesTwitter4Teachers (a wiki to help you find your tweeps)
Twitter How-ToThe Twitter GuidebookA guide to using twitter in the K-8 classroom via Sylvia Tolisano
My bucket of links for learning on twitter